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Welcome to Everest Pashmina, Nepal.

It gives me great pleasure and pride to share that, we have been recognized as the No.1 exporting company in Nepal (including the "Pashmina Exporter of the Year). The "Nepal Chamber of Commerce" and the "Handicraft Association of Nepal" have jointly felicitated us for 2013-2014. We are thankful to the Governing bodies. This is the 10th consecutive year, that we have received this Award and Recognition.

The Pashmina industry has contributed its' fair share to the Export figures in Nepal and we are proud to be associated with the Industry. I am also proud to be associated with Everest Pashmina. The dedication and hard work of everyone involved makes each year worthy. At the end of the year I measure our success on what improvements have been made to the lives of the family members of all involved with us. We have been here long enough to see our Employees' children pass out school and colleges.

Our success will be that they will not come back to us.

Santosh Dev Singh Gurung
Everest Pashmina, Nepal
March 2014

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